PABBS 2021 :-The West Pune Fest, has been arranged on the Occassion of Birthday of Shri Sunny Vinayak Nimhan, Ex. Corporator, which will be a *Super Sunny Week* from 19th Feb to 28th Feb where exciting activities and competitions have been organised as follows:
? Rajamudra: The unseen expressions of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj. 19-20-21 Feb. 10am to 8pm
Sanjay Mahadev Nimhan Gram Sanskruti Udyan, Someshwarwadi,Pashan
? Junior Cyclothon :-Bicycle Marathon and Competition for various Age Groups Between 4-18 years.
28th Feb Sunday Govinda Mangal Karyalaya Ground,Someshwarwadi,Pashan
? Mom’s Magic:- Cooking Recipe Contest for Women
? Drawing Delight :-Drawing and Painting Competition for School Kids. 21st Feb Sunday.
Sanjay Mahadev Nimhan Gram Sanskriti Udyan, Someshwarwadi, Pashan
? Science Circus :- Exhibition of Project models on General Science by the students.
Sat 27- Sun 28Feb 10am-8pm.
Govinda Mangal Karyalaya Hall, Someshwarwadi,Pashan
? Su-Arogya Shibhir : Free Health Camp, Surgery and Medicines
Starting from 21st -28th Feb at Various 7 locations.
We request the residents of West Pune to actively participate and enjoy the Super Sunny Week.
Exciting Awards and Prizes will be given to the winners.
To participate in various activities, kindly click on the following link.
www.sunnynimhan.com or contact on 8308123555 #sunnynimhan #pashan #aundh #baner #balewadi #bopodi #sutarwadi #someshwarwadi #drawingcompetition #drawing #chattrapatishivajimaharaj #exhibition #scienceday #sciencecircus #science experiment #momsmagic #juniorcycling #juniorcyclothon